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On the 9th of October, join us for matosinhos.tech biggest event ever.

We'll have a full day of talks from speakers around the globe discussing topics such as open telemetry, anti-money laundering tech, reliability, mobile, and the opportunity to meet and greet our community in person.

Please consider that the event starts at 1:00 PM with a fabulous small lunch break, but there are limited spots, so get your ticket now!

On the 9th of October join the matosinhos.tech community biggest event ever! See international and national technical leaders showcasing their knowledge while you meet & greet the fantastic companies that are shaping our digital landscape..
Job Title
Product Engineer
Anti Money Laundry Tech
Person Monitoring
Transaction Monitoring

Before joining Salv as a product engineer to help fight money laundering, Artjom spent 10 years working for various software startups, co-founded 2, and also tried escaping the IT world by making honey desserts, only to get sucked back again.

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Job Title
Performance Engineer
Distributed Tracing
Telemetry Signals

Joana has been a performance engineer for the last ten years. She analyzed root causes from user interaction to bare metal, performance tuning, and new technology evaluation. Her goal is to create solutions to empower the development teams to own performance investigation, visualization, and reporting so that they can, in a self-sufficient manner, own the quality of their services. Currently working at Postman, she mainly implements performance profiling, evaluation, analysis, and tuning.

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Job Title
Head of Mobile Engineering
Best Practices

Felipe started his journey in mobile development back in 2008. At the time he had the choice between Java2ME and Android. Luckily the green droid caught his attention when it was only in its 1.5 version. Fast forward 14 years and many applications later - from R&D projects for HP and Lenovo to giants like Premier League - he now leads the mobile team at DICE where they disrupt the ticketing industry since 2014, always putting the fans first.

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Job Title
Lead Site Reliability Engineer

Lead Site Reliability Engineer at Anova. MSc in Computer Science by the University of Porto. CK (AD, A, S) by Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) | Linux Foundation. (Terraform, Consul, Vault) Associate by HashiCorp. Working daily to build high-performance, reliable and scalable systems. DevOps Porto meetup co-organizer and DevOpsDays Portugal co-organizer. A strong believer in culture and teamwork. Open source passionate, taekwondo amateur, and metal lover.!

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Job Title
Engineering Team Leader
Design Systems
User Experience
Development Experience

Originally a Civil Engineer, António Capelo switched careers and became a Frontend Engineer 10 years ago. Currently working as a Frontend Engineer and Team Lead at Remote, he's passionate about design-systems, performance, user experience, and accessibility.

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Job Title
Staff Software Engineer
High-Scale Distributed Systems
Functional Programming

Anderson is a software engineer with many years of experience in large distributed systems that support high-traffic and huge volumes of data. He has created solutions using Java, Scala, JavaScript, Ruby, Python and Golang for companies in Brazil, Ireland, Germany, UK, and US. He has a master’s degree based on his research “A Lightweight Reconfiguration Solution for Paxos”. Currently, he works as a Staff Software Engineer (API Platform) at SeatGeek where he helps to build scalable and reliable systems such as the Virtual Waiting Room solution, an online queuing system, used during major on-sales.

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Our concept, is to let you roam freely through the market while exploring the one-of-a-kind ceramic panels and beautiful arches, seeing the unique merchants' stalls and connecting with the companies that shape our tech ecosystem.


We want to take you on a journey to the best market in our city, the 1952 iconic Mercado de Matosinhos.

1:00 PM
Market opens
2:00 PM
Opening keynote
2:15 PM

Technology ecosystems are complex and it is really important to understand every change and how it affects our systems, as well as the service provided. Users expect systems to be up, responsive, fast, consistent, and reliable. Reliability for systems means that they are doing what their users need them to do. A system's reliability is essentially how happy users are and we know those happy users are good for business. If reliability is one of the most important requirements of any system, users determine what reliability means, and it’s okay to not be perfect all the time. We need a way of thinking that can address this way of thinking since we have limited resources to spend, be they financial, human, or political.

2:45 PM
Building journeys for 60+ countries

At Remote, we aim to turn complex processes into simple and pleasant experiences. This talk is about our journey to deliver the best experience possible, both for end-users and engineers.

3:15 PM
How SeatGeek Successfully Handle High Demand Ticket On-Sales

High-demand online ticket on-sales are a core part of SeatGeek's business and pose a challenge to delivering a seamless user experience. SeatGeek's ability to handle large amounts of online traffic made the company the preferred ticketing solution for significant teams at the English Premier League. They use SeatGeek's primary ticketing software, SeatGeek Enterprise, to give supporters a best-in-class buying experience.

3:45 PM
4:15 PM
Observability with OpenTelemetry

Many components are involved in monitoring and correlating signals from distributed systems. OpenTelemetry comes to aid with a vendor-agnostic telemetry specification that allows developers in any stack to gather telemetry data. It aims to be the standard for implementing and enabling effective Observability. This talk will introduce its core architecture components, key concepts and features, and how to set them up for tracing and exporting telemetry data.

4:45 PM
Fighting money-laundering with code

It is estimated that only 1-2% of money-laundering crime is detected. How do companies fight financial crime today? What happens in the first seconds while your money travels from one account to another? This talk gives an overview of the tech used by the analysts, the problems we face scaling it globally, and how we're solving these.

5:15 PM
Tracking: Not exactly what you think

Tracking user data is a common practice in today's tech industry. Users are nowadays more concerned about their privacy, but reality is that not always their data is used for the bad - yes Google and Meta, I'm taking to you. How do companies leverage users' behaviour to improve their products, what challenges comes from tracking data and which steps can we take to make the most of all data we collect.

6:00 PM
Closing keynote

This is a community-focused conference.

We do not have different vendor booths, sell product presentations, or distribute attendee contact lists. Our event is from developers to developers.

Hence, our sponsors are encouraged to represent themselves by actively participating, interacting and engaging with the attendees during the event.

The Municipal Market of Matosinhos is a market located in the city of Matosinhos, classified as a Monument of Public Interest. It opened on May 27, 1952. The north facade is decorated with ceramic panels by Américo Soares Braga (1909-1991).
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